If you’re new to the podcast world or just looking to learn more about how a host can provide you more, you’ve come to the right place.


The videos below explain how to use the Tandem platform to start a podcast and grow it into a successful show.

How to start a podcast

If you’re new to the podcast world, check out our Build that Pod video series. Learn our step-by-step process for starting a podcast, growing your audience, and monetizing your content.

How to use Tandem

Having trouble navigating the Tandem platform? This video guide shows you how to upload an episode, use the member and chat features, and monitor your show's analytics.

How to publish an episode on Tandem

In this video we will walk you through how to publish an episode Tandem and get it out to all the podcast platforms.

How to turn on Tandem podcast hosting member profile

Who are the other podcasters using Tandem? The membership section allows you to reach out to other podcasters just like you! 

How to import your podcast to Tandem podcast hosting

Already have a podcast? Awesome! We would want to make this transfer from your current host to Tandem as easy as possible. 

How to use Tandem Podcasting member chat

Looking for a guest or ways to gain more listeners for your show? Use our chat feature! You can reach out to any other podcasters on the Tandem members page and collaborate.

Educator's Pilot Program

Screen Shot 2021-06-26 at 1.10.45 PM.png

Podcast education just got easier. We’re giving educators free access to tools they’ll need to educate students and others on how to start a podcast and get them set up with their own shows.

Podcasting is the modern way for students to express themselves and it gives them a new way to explore their artistic and production talents.


Tandem can help you make that happen!

As a member of our free pilot program for educators, you’ll get:

  • Free hosting accounts for all your students

  • A step-by-step guide on how to start a podcast

  • Security and privacy features to protect student information (we won’t collect any student data)

  • Content monitoring tools

  • Training tools to help you learn how to use the Tandem platform

  • Administrative access to all of your students' accounts

  • Access to our expert team of podcast pros to help you

Contact us to participate in the pilot and to learn more at