Having more time to create starts here.


We think there should be more to a podcast host than the way you post your site to podcast platforms so we created more, but, we do the traditional stuff too. 

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Podcast Hosting

Host your show on all of the top Podcast platforms: Get access to millions of listeners by listing your show on all of the top Podcast platforms.

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Data & Analytics

Track your show’s progress with real-time data on who is listening, how many times it was downloaded and where in the world your audience is.

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Virtual & In-Person Recordings

We’re the owners of Gotham Podcast studio and can provide you with recordings, videos, music, effects and editorial services you need to ensure your show sounds professional quality.

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Social Features

Access to be featured on Tandem’s pages and in social campaigns. We want to build and grow with you and we want to feature shows on our platform in our creative work. Putting you at the center for our content.

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Community Hub

Allows you to connect with other shows on Tandem directly from the built-in hub.

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Educational tools

Educational tools so you’ll never feel like you’re on your own if you’re trying to figure something out. You can even connect with us directly. We’re around.