Pause Your Pod = $0 

Pause your pod allows you to take a break from publishing and also from paying. Move your podcast to Pause Your Pod at any time. You pay 0 dollars a month to keep things going. You aren't able to access analytics, post new episodes, edit existing episodes, or use member chat. But your show will still be accessible by your fans!

Prime Podcaster = $20/month or

$192 on annual plan

Prime Podcaster gives you all the features of Tandem Podcast Hosting.

  • Embedded Player

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Unmetered Publishing

  • Unlimited Downloads

  • Tandem Hosting Member Chat

  • Tandem Monetize*

  • Tandem Hosting Marketplace*

  • and Much More Coming soon 

Join Tandem Podcast Hosting to elevate your podcast to the next level!

Gotham Podcast Studio Members

Membership comes with Perks. Gotham Podcast Studio Members get FREE Tandem Hosting Prime Podcaster access. Visit for more information.