Pilot Program

Educator's Pilot Program

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Podcast education just got easier. We’re giving educators free access to tools they’ll need to educate students and others on how to start a podcast and get them set up with their own shows.

Podcasting is the modern way for students to express themselves and it gives them a new way to explore their artistic and production talents.


Tandem can help you make that happen!

As a member of our free pilot program for educators, you’ll get:

  • Free hosting accounts for all your students

  • A step-by-step guide on how to start a podcast

  • Security and privacy features to protect student information (we won’t collect any student data)

  • Content monitoring tools

  • Training tools to help you learn how to use the Tandem platform

  • Administrative access to all of your students' accounts

  • Access to our expert team of podcast pros to help you

Contact us to participate in the pilot and to learn more at